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Does Insurance Cover Oral Appliance Therapy?

If you’re someone struggling with sleep apnea, you know how much sleep affects your overall health. However, getting the right equipment to deal with sleep apnea effectively can be overwhelming, particularly if you’re unsure whether your health insurance plan covers the treatment.

Most health insurance plans will cover oral appliance therapy to treat sleep apnea. This therapy is not available under dental care. In addition, some health insurance plans will cover the total cost of sleep apnea treatment, while others may pay a small portion.

Your level of coverage and discount plans under your health insurance may differ according to their policies and procedures. We accept the following types of insurance:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Met Life
  • Aetna
  • Medicare

Remember that you do not have to have medical insurance to benefit from our services. Instead, you may opt to purchase our custom-fitted oral therapy devices and at-home sleep test outright using one of our flexible sleep apnea payment options.

How do I know if my insurance covers oral appliances?

Most health care plans view oral appliances as a treatment for a medical issue rather than an oral health treatment and cover the treatment and required equipment. However, you should check with your insurance provider to verify this before seeking treatment. When you schedule your consultation with our providers at Healthy Sleep Midwest, we can assist you with contacting insurance and validating your access to benefits.

Does insurance cover the sleep study?

Although insurance coverage for oral appliances can be tricky, coverage for sleep studies is typically consistent. If your doctor requests a sleep study to diagnose or treat a disease, your insurance will cover it. Sleep studies help medical practitioners diagnose and prevent health complications like many diagnostic tools. Insurance companies are more inclined to cover these studies.

What information will my insurance require to cover oral appliances?

If your insurance covers oral appliances, they will use the same criteria for continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy, including a written prescription from your doctor. However, unlike the CPAP device, insurance will not require you to undergo a trial period to obtain coverage.

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At Healthy Sleep Midwest, we want to make getting sleep apnea treatment accessible to all patients, starting with eliminating financial roadblocks. We offer many flexible payment options to get the care you need at a price you can afford. In addition, we make it easy to claim your insurance benefits by working directly with your insurance provider to seek payment for your services, allowing you to focus on your treatment. We also have a free consultation to evaluate your symptoms and health history to determine whether oral appliance therapy is right for you. Getting seen by certified professionals shouldn’t be difficult. If you’re wondering whether your insurance will cover sleep apnea treatments, give our team a call today at 816-753-3737.