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I Wake Up Tired

Why Am I Tired When I Wake Up: Sleep Apnea

Getting at least eight hours of sleep is essential for maximizing your productivity during the day.

However, millions of people still feel fatigued in the daytime, despite getting enough sleep. One of the reasons for daytime fatigue could be that you suffer from sleep apnea.

Healthy Sleep Midwest proudly serves the Liberty, MO, community with expert sleep disorder treatments that will eliminate daytime drowsiness and improve your daily quality of life.

We have decades of experience helping people relieve their sleep disorders. So if you wake up tired, experience daytime drowsiness, or have loud snoring levels, make an appointment with us today.

How Sleep Apnea Affects Sleep:
Side Effects Of Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea disturbs your sleeping patterns in numerous ways.

Irregular Breathing

One of the harshest ways sleep apnea affects you at night is disrupting your breathing patterns. When you have sleep apnea, the soft tissue in your throat collapses, causing blockages in your airways. Therefore, you may struggle to breathe efficiently.

You may stop breathing for several seconds during sleep. This issue causes frequent gasping as your body goes into emergency mode to receive oxygen.

Your body goes through a lot when you experience this sleep disorder. But, frighteningly, if you live alone, you may not realize you have sleep apnea. That is why you must pay attention to your energy levels in the morning.

Loud Snoring

Another symptom of sleep apnea is obnoxious snoring. Most of us know what it is like to live with a loud snorer. In many cases, this snoring volume is due to sleep apnea.

When sleep apnea disrupts your breathing pattern, it causes you to breathe heavily through your blocked airways. Thus, it leads to increased snoring.

We can provide you with an at-home sleep test that tracks several metrics such as breathing patterns, snoring volume, and more that will help us diagnose your condition.


Despite being in a deep sleep for several hours, you may still feel tired in the morning. You feel this way because your body was not regularly breathing while you were sleeping.

When you hold your breath for a long time, your heart rate slows. Once you release your breath, you will breathe more frequently to catch up, thus increasing your heart rate. This exercise simulates the effects of sleep apnea while you are sleeping.

You can never catch your breath throughout the night with sleep apnea. Therefore, you are likely to wake up feeling tired.

Downfalls of Daytime Drowsiness

When you feel fatigued during the day, it can negatively impact your life in several ways.

Low Productivity

Drowsiness inhibits you from thinking clearly. Plus, you will work slower, and you cannot grasp ideas very quickly.

Often, coffee cannot replace the energy lost by sleep apnea. Also, you will become more irritable and moodier. On the other hand, people who get a healthy amount of sleep without sleep apnea feel positive, allowing them to handle daily challenges with ease.


When you feel tired, you may feel lethargic, lacking the energy to do anything. It will affect your ambition and could cause problems with your career.

When you do not put in maximum effort, you are doing yourself a disservice. Friends and colleagues will lose respect for you if you always do the bare minimum. Plus, you risk sliding into depression.

Social Implications

You will also feel less keen to go out and socialize when you suffer from sleep apnea. Therefore, it negatively impacts your social life. Your existing friendships may suffer, and you could miss out on making positive connections if you do not treat your daytime drowsiness.

Daytime drowsiness can also be dangerous. For example, it may affect your ability to drive in the morning. In addition, fatigue can impact your reaction time and lead to an accident.

“I Wake Up Tired.” Then Try Our Liberty, MO, Sleep Apnea Treatment Process

Fortunately, there is a treatment to help prevent daytime drowsiness and treat sleep apnea. Our sleep facility will fit you with a specialized mouthpiece that removes the soft tissue obstruction in the back of your throat. This mouthguard will free up your airways, enabling you to sleep better and wake up feeling energized. If you moan, “I wake up tired” each morning, it may be time to come in for a sleep test. Our Liberty, MO, sleep apnea facility treats thousands of patients each year. To request a free consultation, call Healthy Sleep Midwest at 816-753-3737